People are at the center of everything we do.
No surprise they're at the center of our photography too.

HartLogic Campaign Portraits

If there's one type of image that really represents us, it's a campaign portait from our member. In our portraits, the HartLogic member always following our campaign instruction to build a direct emotional connection with the viewer. They are shown at their best, confident and true to themselves. We prefer to photograph them in the spaces where they are at their most comfortable. This is the photo we use to let the viewer know who the member is and what they do. This type of photo is the most 'staged' we take, but retains the qualities that make it at HartLogic image: it's a little imperfect, it's lit naturally, and it's real.

HartLogic Official Logo Alternatives HartLogic Official Logo Alternatives

While we're focused on the professional, that certainly doesn’t mean ‘suit and tie at the office’. Our members are in many different industries and professions. Their attire, location, and workplace culture vary widely, and our photography reflects their diversity. As a global network, we encourage region-specific images that tell stories that resonate with particular cultures.

Real Moments

Much of our photography falls into the 'real moments' group. This is where the documentary feel of our imagery is most strongly expressed. We organize this type of photography into three big categories: Connections, Collaborations, Knowldege, Skills and Building Companies. They all share the same style, but diverge in subject matter.


People and relationships photography is brought together by its focus on individuals and groups. Here we don't generally focus on our products, but rather on the personalities, identity, and connections of our members. This is where the human-scale representation of our network is on display, and where we are able to show where, how, and when HartLogic members connected.








Building Companies

building companies

Life with HartLogic Merchandise




Even when people aren't in the frame, we want our photography to have a human touch. In our still life photography you should still feel the presence of a person. Perhaps they just left their desk, or dropped their phone off on a countertop near the front door. Wherever it is, we want to show our products in the real world, stains on the tables and all.